Friday, 29 January 2016

Why choose Dr.Hauschka Night Serum?


Because skin that works hard for itself is skin that shines with healthy vibrancy at all ages.

We all dream of a peaceful night's sleep and a complexion that feels
revitalised and looks radiant in the morning.

Dr.Hauschka Night Serum delivers exactly what it promises;  oil-free serum which enhances your night-time routine. It stimulates the skin's renewal processes, supports elimination and strengthens skin metabolism so that you wake to a fresh, firm and vibrant complexion.
When Dr.Hauschka Skin Care was introduced in 1967 they were unique in saying that night care should not include creams and oils. A healthy and hydrated complexion is created when we follow the skin’s natural functions.
During the night our skin becomes more active; cells divide, metabolic wastes are eliminated, it regenerates and balances its' moisture requirements for the next day. Skin must 'breathe' in order to eliminate well, reducing congestion and blemishes. And it needs to produce its own oils to remain properly hydrated.
Skin that works hard for itself is skin that shines with healthy vibrancy at all ages.

So where does Dr Hauschka Night Serum fit into this advice?

Our skin is challenged in many ways which were unknown in the 1960's when Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was new. Increased  pollution, dietary additives, pesticides, chemicals and screen radiation assault our skin every day.
Meticulously researched, this unique Night Serum offers a powerful stimulus to support the skin's nocturnal rhythms of hydration, elimination and repair. As our body slows down in the evening, the crucial period of renewal and regeneration for our skin begins. Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care supports the skin’s essential nightly processes and allows it to breathe freely.
The light-textured serum is easy to apply and is suitable for all skin conditions including sensitive skin and oily and congested skin. If your skin needs vitality, freshness and firmness then Dr.Hauschka Night Serum is for you.  
If you are over 40 years you may prefer Regenerating Serum which is designed for mature skin but the Night Serum is suitable for all ages, young and older.
The principle ingredients are the blossom and fruit of the organic Berner Rose Apple which are processed in a unique distillation process. The blossom 'opens' the skin, allowing elimination and renewal. The fruit 'energises' the skin, keeping it fresh and firm. 

You are rewarded with a fresh, radiant complexion in the morning.

To use: Cleanse as usual and spritz with Facial Toner. Apply a tiny drop of Night Serum to your face, neck and decollete.  
Innovative, effective, straight-forward performance skin care by Dr.Hauschka.
As you would expect.

When you wake does your skin feel vibrant and healthy for the day ahead?


Originally posted 14th May 2015.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Why using a muslin cloth improves your cleansing routine.

Do you think that moisturising the skin is the most important aspect of skin care? 
Think again!
It is a gentle yet deep cleanse allows the skin to carry out its essential functions of protection, secretion, and production. It is the foundation for healthy radiant skin.


Why using a muslin cloth improves your cleansing routine?

Simply put, it supports the internal functions of your skin.
Use it to warm before a cleanse: the warmth relaxes and opens the pores so the cleanse is more deeply effective. Warmth also dilates the tiny blood capillaries which bring nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin.
At the end of the cleansing routine, a cool cloth constricts the pores, helping to push out congestion. The cool temperature also stimulates the lymph system which is responsible for waste removal.  Splashing your skin with warm and cool water is ok but not as effective as using a cloth because it allows the warmth to really penetrate. 
Easy. Really effective.


Your new muslin cloth will seems huge but will shrink a little on the first wash. Don't be tempted to cut it up. It is large by design so that it can be folded into a quarter and have a good thickness to hold the warmth.
1. Fold your cloth into half and then a quarter.
2. Fill your basin with warm water, add your chosen Bath Essence*.
Soak the muslin for a few seconds, wring out and hold it against your skin.
Hold it for a couple of breaths. 
Top Tip: Hold the cloth gently into your eye sockets to help stimulate fluid drainage. This is useful for everyone and especially if you are prone to puffy eyes.
 Include your neck and décolleté.
3. Cleanse as normal.
Mix 1cm of Cleansing Cream to a paste in your palms by adding water and apply using a pressing, rolling motion, paying attention to areas that might be blocked such as the nose or chin.
 Use the whole hand, not just fingertips. Avoid the eyes.
Work from top to bottom and inside to outside to support the internal processes.

Open the muslin to a 'half' and remove Cleansing Cream gently yet thoroughly. 

4. Finally, place the muslin under the cold tap and hold that to your skin to tighten the pores and stimulate the lymphatic system. 


5. Follow with Facial Toner to strengthen and stimulate the skin's moisturising capacity.

Result: healthy vibrant skin and a delightful cleansing routine just for you.



Have you used a muslin cloth during your cleanse before? Do you think you will use one now?

The routine takes longer to read about than to do. It takes me perhaps 1-3 minutes depending on how quick I am. Time well spent! *The addition of a couple of drops of Dr.Hauschka Bath Essence improves the quality of hard water and smells divine! 
Do please contact me if you would like bespoke advice to get the best from your cleansing routine.